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    Civil Engineering

    Civil Engineering
    Civil Engineering
    Civil Engineering

    Lysaght: Your Civil Engineering Consultancy

    From the sprawling urban developments to the smallest residential plots, the evolution of New Zealand's built environment owes much to the expertise of civil engineers. With our civil engineering consultancy, the team at Lysaght takes pride in shaping the Bay.


    We reckon we have a civil engineer for every occasion amongst our talented bunch. We work in and around the surveyors and planners (it’s not as bad as it sounds!), and collaborate with them on the regular, giving our clients that real one-stop-shop feel. Be it a small simple residential subdivision, or a large-scale infrastructure project, our civil engineers have the expertise to take you from an empty paddock to an elegant solution. We love a challenge, so please get in touch at the big purple button top right, to find out how we can help engineer you a project to be proud of.

    Civil Engineering Consultancy: More Than Just Design

    A lot goes on behind the scenes of any infrastructural project and often leading the charge is a civil engineering consultancy team. The essence of our consultancy is not just about concrete, metal, and plans; it's about envisioning sustainable, efficient, and safe environments for generations to come.

    Our team, a blend of experienced civil engineering consultants, can offer an array of civil engineering services across a wealth of different areas. With each project, the core objective remains the same: providing top-notch engineering solutions that exceed client expectations.

    Partnering with Our Civil Engineering Consultants

    Working with our civil engineering consultants ensures that clients walk away with a complete solution. Our specialists dive deep into every project, ensuring that the finest details are considered and the best strategies employed.

    Being equipped with our own planning consultants at Lysaght, we ensure a seamless flow of ideas and information, streamlining complex projects. Our integrated approach involves our in-house master planning consultants, ensuring cohesive design and execution. This synergy ensures precision and foresight in every project aspect, from subdivision planning and design to intricate civil tasks.

    The Evolving Role of Civil Engineering Consultancy in Modern Infrastructure

    As New Zealand continues to grow and adapt to the needs of its residents and businesses, the demand for top-tier civil engineering services has never been greater. The urban landscape is in constant change, allowing ourcivil engineering consultants to step in and act as a driving force behind innovative infrastructural projects. 

    Merging age-old principles with modern design ethos, our consultancy ensures that every structure not only serves its immediate purpose but also positively impacts the community and environment. With a dedication to continuous learning and adaptation, our civil engineering consultancy stands at the forefront of shaping a resilient and vibrant Bay.

    Comprehensive Civil Engineering Services to Meet Modern Demands

    In a rapidly changing world, where environmental concerns and sustainable practices take centre stage, our civil engineering services evolve to meet these contemporary challenges. 

    Whether it's the intricate aspects of land development and subdivision or the broader strokes of infrastructure design, our approach is always comprehensive. By converging expertise, passion, and experience, we bring visions to life, creating spaces and structures that stand the test of time.

    Why Choose Lysaght's Civil Engineering Team?

    At Lysaght, it's not just about engineering expertise – it's about our people. Our team not only boasts exceptional technical skills but also the ability to communicate effectively in terms you can understand. We're deeply rooted in the communities we serve, ensuring that every project reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence. Our passion for engineering and clear communication makes us stand out in every task we undertake.

    If you're seeking an engineering partner who understands your vision and is equipped to translate it into reality, you're in the right place. Take a look at our extensive portfolio, and let's embark on a journey together.

    Infrastructure Design

    Experts in three waters design, roading and earthworks

    Contract Monitoring

    From tender through to completion, including acting as Engineer to the Contract.

    What we do

    • Civil and Land Development Design
    • Infrastructure Design
    • Low Impact Design (LID)
    • Onsite Effluent Treatment and Disposal
    • Construction Monitoring
    • Contract Administration
    • Hydraulic Investigations and Design
    • Environmental Design

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