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    Planning Consultants: a Vision for New Zealand’s Future

    The vast and diverse terrains of New Zealand present both opportunities and challenges. The journey from an initial idea to a fully realised project requires expertise, foresight, and meticulous planning. Enter our team of dedicated planning consultants, committed to steering you seamlessly through this intricate process.


    The words “resource consent” can sound intimidating, but often they don’t need to be. Come and have a chat with our planning and resource consent consultants and we’ll provide you with some frank advice on how the process works and what to expect. We have years of experience in planning and will know relatively quickly just how smooth the process will be. Name it, and our planners have done it, like gaining consents for houses in flooding areas as identified under Tauranga Plan Change 27, placing a minor dwelling too far from a dwelling, retirement villages, all the way through to complex subdivisions and residential intensification.

    Crafting Excellence with Planning Consultants

    Our planning consultants don't just set the course; we strategise, envision and treat every project as unique. At Lysaght, we understand that every venture, whether it's an expansive urban development or a quaint rural subdivision, holds immense value and potential.

    From the first sketch of a land development plan to the final touches, our consultants are with you every step of the way. We are not just planners; we are an extension of your team, ensuring each detail aligns with your vision and the broader goals of community and sustainability.

    Master Planning Consultants: Charting the Course for Larger Visions

    For projects that span larger landscapes or more complex infrastructures, our master planning consultants take the helm. These experts delve deeper, harnessing their extensive experience to craft master plans that capture the bigger picture. By liaising with our civil engineering consultants, they ensure that every master plan is not only visionary but also feasible and actionable.

    Whether you're aiming to revitalise an urban space or bring a new community project to life, our planning consultants provide the roadmap, ensuring that every decision is strategic and purposeful.

    The Transformative Impact of Planning Consultants on Sustainable Development

    New Zealand's natural beauty and ecosystems demand thoughtful development. Our planning consultants focus on aligning projects with the character and needs of the local environment.

    Master Planning Consultants: Expanding Horizons

    The urban landscapes of New Zealand are constantly evolving, shaped by shifts in population, technology, and global trends. Our master planning consultants play a pivotal role in this transformative journey. They aren't just crafting plans; they're sculpting the future. Collaborating closely with the rest of the team, they ensure that every urban regeneration project is compliant, innovative, and adds value to the community. 

    Navigating Regulations with a Resource Consent Planner

    New Zealand's land development landscape is governed by a plethora of regulations and guidelines. A resource consent planner is integral.. From understanding the intricacies of land use permissions to ensuring compliance at every phase, our resource consent planners simplify the complexities, ensuring your project stays on the right side of the law.

    Engaging a resource consent planner is not just about ticking boxes. It's about understanding the nuances, the local requirements, and the broader environmental and societal implications. With their guidance, even the most challenging hurdles become manageable, paving the way for smooth project execution.

    Integrating Plans for a Cohesive Outcome

    Our holistic approach means that we don’t operate in silos. Our planning team often collaborates with experts in subdivision planning and design, weaving in their insights for a richer, more comprehensive outcome. This integrated method ensures that our solutions are not just innovative but also grounded in real-world practicalities.

    Resource Consents

    Years of experience and experts in the field.

    Strategic Planning

    Unsure where to begin? We can lend a hand with planning the right way.

    What we do

    • Subdivision Design
    • Assessment of Environmental Effects
    • Submissions on notified consents
    • Community engagement and consultation
    • Cultural engagement
    • Resource consents and permits – subdivision consent, land use consent, discharge permit, water permit, coastal permit
    • Notice of Requirements and Outline Plans for designations
    • Submissions on district and regional plans, such as Plan Change 26 and Plan Change 27, national policy statements, and environmental standards
    • Plan changes, structure planning, strategic planning, spatial planning, and designations
    • Council hearings – preparation of evidence, appearing on behalf of applicants or submitters

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    Opening Hours

    Monday – Friday 8am-5pm 

    Weekends – Closed