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Golden Sands

Project overview

Golden Sands is a large residential development in Papamoa East that we are proud to have contributed to. We have consented, designed, and subdivided several of the later stages of the development, including a stormwater treatment wetland, the Emerald Shores Road culvert crossing of the Wairakei Stream, and medium density (townhouse) residential stages. We currently have three staff living right in the development with their families, so are absolutely committed to delivering neighbourhoods that are great places to live!


  • Flat terrain, making for difficult infrastructure design.
  • Constructing a collector road across a stream with soft soils beneath.
  • Sensitive archaeological and ecological environments.


  • Saw-toothed roads and detailed flood/stormwater modelling.
  • Collaboration with Geotechnical Engineers.
  • Sensitive archaeological and ecological environments.