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Land Surveying

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    Land Surveying

    Land Surveying
    Land Surveying
    Land Surveying

    Unravelling the Intricacies of Land Surveying

    At Lysaght, we redefine excellence in land surveying, distinguishing ourselves as premier Tauranga land surveyors

    Our robust team of experienced professionals, recognised as top-tier land surveyors in Tauranga, is dedicated to meeting diverse survey needs. 

    Beyond precision in delineating property boundaries and mapping topographical features, our commitment extends to providing unmatched guidance throughout the process. 

    As trusted surveyors in Tauranga, our expertise ensures that every project, whether small-scale or extensive development, receives unparalleled attention and accuracy synonymous with Lysaght's reputation in the industry. 

    Explore the heights of quality and reliability with our comprehensive land surveying services.

    Land Surveying

    Our experienced and enthusiastic team of field and office crew can help you with all things surveying in Tauranga, throughout the Bay of Plenty and in the Hamilton region. Our expertise ranges from small site topographic surveys to multi-lot subdivisions, and with our in-house civil engineers and planners in tow, we can take your land development project from start to completion.

    Our Tauranga and Hamilton surveyors can assist you with all of your requirements.

    Land Surveying: The Heart of Our Services

    As part of our core offerings, our land surveying services encompass a wide range of specialties. From cadastral surveys that assist in defining land boundaries - sometimes referred to as boundary surveys, to topographical surveys which detail the physical features of your property, we cover it all. We meticulously and accurately detail each aspect of your property's boundary, ensuring a clear understanding of your land.

    Boundary Survey Services: Defining Your Property

    Knowing the exact boundaries of your property is essential for a variety of reasons, including development, dispute resolution, and planning. Our team of skilled boundary surveyors brings their expertise to your project, providing clear, accurate maps of your property's perimeters. This precision is the cornerstone of our land surveying services, and an assurance you can count on.

    The Essential Need for Cadastral Surveys

    Cadastral surveys, conducted by our licensed cadastral surveyors in NZ, form an integral part of our land surveying services. These surveys establish property boundaries, and help identify and define land ownership. They are a key tool in the suite of services provided by our surveyors.

    Land Surveying Services: More Than Just Boundaries

    While boundary surveys are critical, our land surveying services offer a whole lot more. We use advanced technologies to perform aerial and lidar topographic surveys, delivering detailed 3D maps of your property. Our team's expertise extends beyond the ground, offering you a comprehensive understanding of your land's topography.

    Unfolding Landscapes with Topographical Surveys

    Topographical surveys are another cornerstone of our land surveying services. They map out the physical features of your property, including any buildings, trees, hills, or valleys, providing a detailed overview of your land. Coupled with the boundary surveyor services, these surveys can provide a holistic understanding of your property, aiding in planning and development.

    These cutting-edge techniques enable us to gather precise data quickly and efficiently, enhancing the overall efficiency of our land surveying services. 

    Setting the Standard in Land Surveying Services

    Our continued dedication to providing exceptional land surveying services distinguishes Lysaght in the industry. Our boundary surveyors employ years of experience and the latest technologies to yield accurate, detailed results. By choosing us, you align your project with our relentless commitment to excellence, and you secure a trusted partner to guide you through the intricacies of land surveying.

    Innovation in Land Surveying

    Harnessing the power of advanced technology, such as aerial and lidar topographic surveys, we lead the way in innovative land surveying solutions. Our land surveying services continue to evolve to incorporate the latest technological advancements, ensuring we can provide the most comprehensive, efficient, and precise services available. So whether you require licensed cadastral surveyors in NZ or detailed topographical surveys, you can trust Lysaght to deliver the most precise and forward-thinking solutions available.

    Lysaght: Your Partner in Land Surveying

    Embark on a journey of precision and reliability with Lysaght, where our Tauranga land surveyors redefine industry standards. 

    Our dedicated team of expert surveyors in Tauranga ensures unparalleled service, offering comprehensive solutions for your surveying requirements. 

    From accurate property boundary definitions to intricate topographical mapping, our land surveyors in Tauranga deliver unmatched professionalism and precision. 

    By choosing Lysaght, you're not just selecting surveyors in Tauranga; you're opting for a trusted partner dedicated to your project's triumph. Experience the pinnacle of quality in land surveying services. 

    Ready to transform your vision into reality? Contact our surveyors in Hamilton and Tauranga today, and let's embark on this transformative journey together.

    Subdivision design

    A team dedicated to surveying and experts in design.

    Topographical Surveys

    We have your topographical needs covered from small sites to hectares of land.

    What we do

    • Land Transfer surveys
    • Subdivision design
    • Urban and Rural Subdivision
    • Topographical surveys
    • UAV aerial surveying
    • Due diligence investigation
    • Roading setout
    • Building setout
    • Project management
    • Building locality surveys

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    Opening Hours

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