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Three Creeks Estate

Project overview

Three Creeks Estate is a development located in Ohauiti. The kiwifruit orchard was re-zoned to allow for a residential development under the Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Act 2013, and through a comprehensive engineering design, a development of 200 new allotments was created. The development was separated into 10 stages and constructed over the course of seven years.

The land was very steep and required extensive earthworks and retaining wall design to create flat building platforms. Lysaght worked collaboratively with the client and the project geotechnical engineers to deliver a complex and original design. Consultation with Regional Council and Iwi was essential to divert an existing stream tributary to create a new wetland area, while protecting the ecological value of the existing environment.

The Kaitemako stream runs adjacent to the development, therefore a comprehensive survey of the natural water boundary was necessary to define the extents of the development. The retaining wall design and associated drainage resulted in a complex array of party-wall easements throughout the development, which put our licensed cadastral surveyors to the test!


  • Steep topography requiring extensive retaining wall design.
  • Adjacent Kaitemako Stream incorporating definition of a natural boundary.
  • Existing stream tributary diversion and wetland creation.
  • Complex party-wall easements allocation and building restriction line creation.


  • Land transfer surveying
  • Detailed civil engineering design
  • Engineering contractor management services
  • Retaining wall survey setout